Let’s not hide behind the obvious…  I am in business to make money and it is the money, the cash, the groats, the spondoolies that allows me to look after my family and keep me in the lifestyle I wish to become accustomed to!!

So when it comes to your investment with me, it’s very simple…

I create a plan of action for you up front in advance before doing any major work…  I also have a really neat on-line system for sending these to you and it is attached to a Merchant account which we had to jump through hoops to be approved for, but it means you are protected.

You can settle your investment directly at the base of the quotes I send out and you can do this by credit or debit card.

You can also pay the money in to our business bank account, the details are at the base of the quotes.

Direct Debits

I do also offer a direct debit service. If you are directed here to pay me via direct debit, then you will need to click the link here to complete the Direct Debit Mandate, again this is all handled by the banking facility I am subscribed to and you are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee rules.

For clarity, I submit my request for direct debit payments to the bank around the 5th of each month, and the bank will deduct the monies from your account, on or after the 15th of that same month.

I receive the funds, only when all monies are cleared, around 25th…