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This is not for everyone, it's only for business owners with sales of somewhere between £150k and £5m who believe they can achieve a lot more and know they need to have someone hold them accountable, who want regular targeted help to achieve greater results.

A Frank and Very Personal Message about YOUR Business,

You may be here from curiosity, you clicked through because something inside niggles you to look for opportunities, you are searching for something or someone to help you build a better business, one that grows, is sustainable and is easier to run.

Remember the time you first started your business?

Do you remember how you dreamed you would one day work part-time, have the big house, the nice cars, the holidays and maybe you do have a few nice things already, then why are you here?

Is it more than just things?  Are you looking for freedom, no stress, no worries, no pain?  

Imagine sitting on a beach, or by the pool, no phone, no laptops and definitely no emails... the sun warming you through as you take a sip from an ice cooled drink, more importantly imagine no worry, no stress, being able to let go and enjoy being with your loved ones and step off without any fear that your years of hard work building your business won't be destroyed by your staff or suppliers in a heartbeat while you are away...

If you just stopped for a moment and pictured your ideal life, do you have it now?  What's missing, what are prepared to do to get it?

Fact Is... You Are NOT Normal

We live in a very different world today than 5, 10 or even just a few years ago, what with politicians using twitter to goad each other over nuclear bombs, Brexit and the Russians being accused of killing people right on our doorstep, literally...

If you add in our own UK Government's targets to make every business owner adopt a fully digital accounting system, increasing the burden from annual compliance to quarterly plus annual, then rest assured your fight ain't over.

On top of that, don't forget the crap banking systems giving everyone false hope, and sucking you dry with their claims of lending to almost anyone, when in fact the evidence is to the contrary, while they in turn rescue themselves from the disaster and farcical chaos of the banking crisis.

Then far from settling down there is more uncertainty and doubt each and every day we look outside our own bubble.

Most normal business owners have a simple solution and strategy to all this crap, they work harder, longer hours, spend endless hours on social media and basically have their head down hoping, and really hoping deep down that one day it will be alright...

But the reality is they are shit scared, listening to the negative press, the media and being sucked in by claims of magic bullets and quick fixes.

But...  we predict no matter what business you are in, if you are relying on just your own abilities, or ad hoc help, if you are thinking of growing your business without a proper plan and strategy and if you think you can run it on a wing and prayer, then, well good luck with that..  we have insolvency people standing by!!

Gone are the days you can rescue bad decisions with a bit of refinancing, no longer can you afford to leave your tax calculations to the last minute and without doubt you can no longer ignore the need for day to day control of your finances and business planning.

Look, we know this first hand, we've been in business since the 1980's, we've been through the good times and some bad times ourselves, and we have been helping 100's if not thousands of business owners just like you and we know that you can have all the strategies, tactics, tools and systems in the world but when it comes down to it the biggest problem for any business is you the owner and the ability to keep it all going on your own!!

You have to keep up your own personal motivation as well as everyone around you, the momentum and the willpower to keep going, no matter what life throws at you can be tough sometimes and when it is who do you turn to?

We are not here to tell you it's easy, we certainly aren't going to tell you that with our help it will magically turn your business into the dream you once had.

What we do know, because we do it ourselves, is that to get more done than the average business owner, you need to be held accountable, meet up regularly with someone who is unbiased, unemotional to your specific challenges and someone who can be tough and call you out on your own bullshit when needed.

We all kid ourselves, we wear our rose tinted glasses, that's what makes being an entrepreneur so much fun, the challenge, the grind, the pushing ourselves, but if you haven't realised yet, you soon will, the playing field has changed and is set to change further.

To us who see business owners week in week out, from little businesses just starting out with all the hopes and dreams of a teenage boy heading off to his first party with girls and alcohol, to the huge corporations we work with employing hundreds of staff, there is an obvious core delusional thought pattern running through like a cancer.

Look, if you really think you can build a successful sustainable business without a plan, a set of strategies and a system of being held accountable then you should leave here now...

But, if you want to know how we help a few highly qualified carefully selected people we choose to work with, do more, achieve more then read on:

How Do We Help You?

In a nutshell, it's an accountability programme, helping you plan, implement and achieve your goals.

Our Elite clients experience far greater results than average business owners, with our continual coaching, accounting and full planning and strategy sessions we push you to achieving your goals.

Using the 12 week year principles, we not only help you create the perfect plan, we push you and hold you accountable.

We expect you to have your accounting in control, we can obviously help you get that sorted quickly if it's not, and we can deal with all your statutory compliance, but...

...the most valuable part of what you receive with this exclusive service, is access to our unique coaching experience to push you and hold you accountable which in turn will grow your business faster, give you better results and an easier life.

Our intention is to help you achieve your goals 4 times faster than most businesses.

Does It Work?

There is no guarantee, we can only share our knowledge, experience and experience of hundreds of other businesses just like you, all including us have unforeseen challenges, but it's how we overcome them that counts, we can't predict what will happen, but we know if you put the work and effort in you stack the odds in your favour versus someone who is lazy, doesn't do the work and blames everyone else.

Our testimonials are just a selection of successful people we've helped and if you want to know if you qualify for our Elite product, then simply follow the instructions below:

This is not for everyone, but if after reading the text above you believe you want to put in place more than just a strategy and a plan, you want to be pushed to make it work...

then simply watch the video below and follow on to the next page...

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Watch the video below, you can get to know us a little and we share a real example of how we helped one of our clients take a fresh look at something really simple to do with pricing their products.