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Finalist: Kevin Whitehouse, Prime Entry Ltd

Kevin was praised by the judges for his approach to client communications that showed his belief in both curiosity and learning.

Of particular note was his enthusiasm and prowess using video as a method of client education and communication.  Entirely self taught, Kevin creates and edits videos for all aspects of bookkeeping tuition, accounts training and to provide details of the compliance work the firm is involved in.

The judges felt Kevin is successfully and diligently exhibiting the benefits and real impact strategic use of technology can have for both client and firm.

Judges Insight
Accounting Web Practice Excellence Awards

It has been very rewarding working with Kevin over the last 5 years.  As well as being our accountant, Kevin has been very helpful in focusing our minds on what we want to achieve with our business and the direction we want to go in.

We have looked in depth at profit margins and how by making small changes we could reap big rewards.  Kevin has also encouraged us to think about several ‘What If’ scenarios in order to test important decisions about our financial future.

Being more creatively minded, we find accountancy a little mind boggling at times, but Kevin takes the time to explain everything simply and fully, making sure we understand each aspect of our accounts.

Kevin's video presentations of our accounts are also very useful, meaning we can watch them at our convenience and ensure we take the time to understand them thoroughly. Kevin is always keen to offer his help and advice on all matters of running a business and accounting.

David and Tanya Emery
Producers of Unique Personalised Typographic Prints

I never really understood the importance of the phrase “Time to think”.

It means a lot of different things when you really start thinking about it.  I’d say the most important application of that phrase is actually having the time to think.

I first started working with Kevin in 2015.  Within a few weeks, Kevin gave me the first thing to really think about – and I mean properly think about.  

It has changed the way my business works.

He mentioned my pricing structure, and how I should really be charging more.  He planted a little seed – and boy has that seed grown.  That initial seed made me re-evaluate our entire pricing and positioning model and it is hands down the best thing we have ever done for our business.

Kevin has pushed me time and time again, giving me a little something to go away and think about.  Kevin has challenged me to grow my business to heights I didn’t even dream of previously.

Thanks to that constant challenging and pushing, we have doubled our fees, with better quality customers than we ever thought existed.

    His support and accountability has meant that we have:

• Achieved two personal business goals
• Positioned ourselves as Industry experts – fast becoming the global leaders in our field
• Overhauled our pricing structure
• A pool of fantastic premium clients, paying us twice as much as they previously were
• Deep insight into our financial position
• Clarity on our forecasting and foresight for the future
• Future proofing for the business and working with Kevin has changed the business from the top down.

He is the best investment we have ever made into our business.  We are forever indebted to him for pushing us and keeping us moving in the right direction.

You will not find any better value and repository for knowledge out there.

Thank you Kevin, for the Time to Think.

Mike and Kenda Macdonald 
World Leading Automation Ninjas

Kevin made a BIG impact on how we need to look at things. The forecasting tool for measuring the actual impact on your bank account on a 10% price increase or 10% discount was astonishing!

Suzel Greef

Hey Kevin, my business is going really well so far and I'm pleased to say that our talk has had a big impact on my success.

It has really helped and encouraged me to have resilience and persistence with this business and because of that I am becoming a young entrepreneur.

Thankyou for everything"

Chardai Williams
Young Cake Manufacturer

Kevin and his team have been doing my tax for a number of years and they couldn't be more helpful.

This last year I had a very complex tax calculation I feel so grateful that they just stuck with me so patiently as we searched for historic documents and got it all sorted.

I really appreciated their thorough and professional approach.

They take away the worry and pain of dealing with complex tax issues.

I also like the way Kevin comes back with not only the paperwork but a video to explain it all.  It is so handy for people like me!"

Penny Gundry
Author, Speaker, Coach

I absolutely must congratulate you on the unique video presentations you create for me.

It is such an amazing success as it has clarified all your figures and columns in my mind.

I find that I can now understand them!!!

I have only had the time to watch it through just the once but I shall be doing so again and for several viewings.

I find it more interesting than the TV most evenings!

Many, many thanks for all your efforts and expertise on our behalf.

Colin and Alice Young
Property Developers/Investors

We learned a great deal about in-cloud financial management – it’s going to be a great tool to work with. And as Kevin revealed, because of the new HMRC directives coming in, it’s something we’re all going to have to adopt anyway, so it’s great to understand this now and get in there first.

Steve Bant

Mr. K!

I just finished your book - I have been reading + note making for 20 mins, 3 x a day, for a few weeks (in between SO MUCH other learning!) ... you could say that I'm a lover of process/habits!

It's brilliant!

I learnt loads and it's really helping me form the bones of this new business of mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lucy Barfoot

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