Are You Looking to Grow Your Business?

Looking For More Than Just an Accountant?

You work hard, right?

You know that what you deliver to your customers and clients is really great, but somehow, you and your family are not getting the rewards you are looking for….

We get it, we really do understand.

If your sales are anything between £50k a year and £5 million a year and If you run a business with your partner, or maybe you run the business yourself, but you have support from the family, then just maybe we can help you.

But before you even apply to be one of our clients, let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.

Vicki and I have been helping business owners across the country, in fact even some in other countries for almost 30 years.  We’ve even had a crack at other business ventures along the way, you see we really do know how you feel.

We live in the beautiful Dorset countryside, but because of good technology that is mostly irrelevant for our clients.  

We use video conferencing, online portals and everything relating to accounts and tax we do are now “In the Cloud”.

We don’t even need to be at our desk to help you and that is deliberate on our behalf so we now have the lifestyle we choose.

We also have face to face meetings, we are happy to visit you and you can visit us, but, because of technology, our entire office can be with us at all times to help you.

We’ve acted for literally thousands of clients over the years and pretty much worked with most business sectors, but we really enjoy working with smaller family type businesses.

Often the clients we attract are creative in some sort of way, from construction to architects, designers, technology pretty much anything goes, so long as the dynamics between us both works. 

That’s the most important part for us, which is why we no longer work with corporates.

Therefore, if you are the sort of business owner who works hard... are proud of what you offer to your customers and clients...

...if you have some passion some excitement about your future, but at the same time, you are frustrated that you can’t seem to crack the code to get the results you always dreamt of.

Then continue reading...

You might be looking for more money, more sales, more profits, maybe you are dreaming of a new home, better cars, holidays, boats and want more time to pursue your sports and hobbies.

Maybe, you might be more motivated by time off, the piece of mind, a feeling of trust and being relaxed with your business, and knowing that the advisors and staff that support you have truly got your back.

If that describes you and if along the way you like a laugh, you don’t take life or yourself too seriously, then we might just be able to help you.

But, before we go any further, why not grab some free help right now and get to know us a little.

Our experience has taught us that there are 3 significant shifts that will be causing most of your pain, most of your struggles and frustration when running a business...

We know that if you make changes towards these 3 specific areas, most people start to see some instant results.

If you want to know more, just click the button above and watch Kev’s short video, there is no sign-up and if after you have watched the video you want to talk, there will be a place where you can book a call.