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Coaching, mentoring and accounting services

So, you're looking for 

a new accountant?


     Maybe, you want some cheaper Accounts and a quick Tax Return before the deadline?

     Or, maybe help with your books and VAT Return…

     …and to save some tax?

     Maybe the real reason is you want answers?

     You're working harder and harder, longer and longer hours and all the while, home life and your relationships outside work are at risk of crumbling?

     Just too many stupid fights and arguments with the ones you love… 

     …you're doing it all for your family, your spouse and to win at life, but somehow the dreams and passion you once had are slowly evaporating?

     Maybe, you are frustrated, worried, feeling overwhelmed and a bit stressed…

     …it seems so close yet so far and sometimes it feels like 2 steps forward and 3 back?

     You hire good staff and they leave, then you can’t find anyone to help, business is good and you make good money, but then you're as busy as hell and suddenly there's no cash, WTAF!!!

     …how can this be, it makes no sense!!!

    - busy, making money but feeling broke and unhappy all at the same time???

     It’s no wonder, divorce rates are so high and many businesses fail within five years!  

     The odds are stacked against you, but you know you have it in you to make all your dreams come true, but…

     …something needs to change, do you agree?

     If you do, you just want someone to genuinely help you cut through all the bullshite, someone you can trust and show you the right path, you’re not afraid of hard work, you just want to break through that glass ceiling, right?

One thing is clear:

"A set of accounts and tax returns

ain't gonna help you!!"


     They serve an important purpose, but they don’t help you grow your business, it's not what you really want…

Let's make this simple for you…

      If you are looking for just compliance (Accounts, Tax and someone to “keep your books”) and you want it a bit cheaper, 


     …go and speak to another firm down the metaphorical road, because we don’t offer “just compliance” and as for “cheap!”, that’s a perspective.  If you invest in the right help, the return on your investment will eradicate “cheap” from your vocabulary!

     If you realise you actually want some ongoing help, that's proven to get results…

     …let’s talk?

     Our experience and the luxury of working with so many different business owners over many, many years has provided us with workable solutions, practical and proven methods.

     For some they need little input and just need to be pointed in the right direction and held accountable, so we have something to keep in regular contact.

     For others, it’s a deeper need for coaching and mentoring to change habits and shift the thinking. Our robust approach creates truly transformational results.

     We can’t promise we can help you, you might not even qualify to work with us?

But, unless we speak you'll never know…

     All we need is your name, email and complete the questions and we’ll send you access to a calendar booking option, where we can meet online:

     Perhaps, you arrived at this page looking for an accountant, and now realise what we offer is different, we know it’s so different no other accountant on the planet does what we do!

So what is it we do that's so different?

     We solve the deep rooted, hardcore problems most business owners have. 

     It starts with the core elements, your belief and your skill levels at running a business.

     We provide the framework to help you discover new energy, revised passion for what you do…

     …a structure you can follow every day that brings in measurable results, like profitability, efficiency and reducing stress, worry and overwhelm.

     Our goal is to help you achieve the goals and dreams you desire, not always so easy as most have never actually sat down and worked out what it is you are truly chasing:

     Why do you do what you do?

     Why are you not further forward than you thought you’d be?

     What’s got to change?

     What are you knowingly doing that's preventing you from change?

     These and many other questions need answering.

     It’s not easy building a business, and we’re not here to give you some magic bullet, quick fix.

     It requires work, hard work sometimes and dedication, there is no shortcut…

     But, we have found what helps us and our clients is to work regularly and consistently with a coach and mentor, someone who knows what your goals are, someone who really knows what you are trying to achieve and understands how to help you get to the next level.

     Our priority is to help our clients make more money and have an easier life. 

     We focus on solving the deep rooted, hardcore problems most business owners have and help you find a new belief and skill to level up…

     ...and yes we might also deal with accounts and tax as part of your finance department; but you need to realise technology now makes this such a small part of the equation, it's what you do with the information that matters.

     We have been coaching, mentoring and helping clients for a very long time, and have 1,000’s of happy clients before you. 

     Many are still with us, some even 30+ years, thus, what we do and how we deliver our service must work, right?

Here's what a few others say about us

We have been working with Prime Entry since 2013 and have found then to be very different to our previous accountants as they are essentially part of our team and not an outside supplier. Our quarterly meetings with Kevin and Vicki are energising and invigorating and they look at a multitude of ways we can improve our business. 

My knowledge and manipulation of Kashflow has improved enormously and we can now report and forecast accurately and regularly. My personal biggest victory since we have been working together has been my move up to the position of Managing Director, with which both Kevin and Vicki have given me much support, advice and coaching. They are both excellent at identifying areas where we need to improve and making sure that we address these rather than shy away from them.

Julie Tucker

Design Unlimited

Kevin and Vicki have been long term mentors and coaches for the leadership team at Talladium UK Ltd. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the UK has caused significant financial and operational disruption across the dental industry creating several strategic and technical challenges for the business. 

Kev’s knowledge and insight into our business and our team has allowed us to reset, prioritise, and align our strategic and tactical objectives driving customer retention and operational financial performance.

Vicki’s coaching ensures we maintain focus, avoid distractions, manage our stress levels, and most importantly, maintain our sense of humour in this incredibly challenging environment. She reminds us all we need to take time out and breathe and balance both our work and home lives!

Prime Entry has been instrumental and crucial to the growth of the business.

Sheena Lyall

Talladium Uk

Since working with Kevin I have really gained clarity and direction in what we need to do to change our business and get out of it what we want from it rather than being a servant to it. He has really helped me realise that I do have a lot more to offer my clients than I realised and that we definitely do not charge enough for what we do!

       So far I would say my biggest victory has been getting an existing client to take on an advisory project with me to help him set up his new company and make his dream become a reality.

Katrina Turton

Director - RDG Accounting

We are so impressed with the work you have put in.
Your understanding of our business and the delivery of video support to help us know you have our back.

Working with you on all levels at this time was one of our smartest moves!

Philip Palmer and Sandra Palmer-Snellin

Farmer Palmers Farm Park

The great thing about being a sculptor is that you can completely and utterly live in that dream world, but you are also at the same time running a business and when it comes to the business side, I desperately need a Kevin.

The likes of Kevin, keeps the blood pressure right down.

Mark Coreth


Prime Entry is not just an accountancy firm it is like a ‘business doctor’ who looks beyond the numbers and into the heart of your business to assess what’s working and what’s not.

It’s also great to be able to bounce ideas around with someone outside our business as working in our business we are often too close to the action to make an informed decision.

Knowing our numbers. We have 6 years of management information and we’ve never really known how to read or see patterns despite trying.

Prime Entry has helped us to know which numbers matter and they have put together an information gathering system and dashboard to help us monitor those numbers despite only working with us for a matter of months.

Paul and Marie-Claire Harper

Paul Harper Search
Financial Services Recruitment

We are currently the only bespoke picture framing and printing company in the world who is certified by the forest stewardship council and that means we can guarantee that all the timber based materials we use, are responsibly sourced.

I did shop around for accountants and I remember clearly saying to one of them that I want someone not just to do the books and accounts, I want someone to help me fly in business and the guy said to me “That's not our job!”

Kevin, however, is very much of the attitude it's not just boring, dull numbers. They all mean something, and it's a control panel that shows you where you are going and what you need to do next. He is very much on the same track as me.

It’s great to have someone to talk to who really understands the realities of running a business and Kevin brings that.

Hope Elletson

Picture Frame Manufacturer

Before I started working with Kevin, he introduced me to Kashflow, my numbers were a mess. I knew I was doing okay — I mean, I could pay myself and the taxman and all my bills. But I had no real idea how I was doing or what I needed to do to grow.

Since we started working together, Kevin and his magical online system have shown me where I’m doing well, where I can make savings, and what I can do to increase my profits. I have exciting plans for the future, and I couldn’t do it without him.

Vicky Fraser

Copy Writer Marketing Expert

Kevin has helped our business move from strength to strength. He is always positive and motivates us, which has helped us keep the business afloat and we have moved from strength to strength, thanks to him.

He is very proactive and very keen to use new technologies.

Vicki is part of the marketing and business coaching side of their business and I can’t commend both of them highly enough.

Christopher Manlow

Dental Practice

I’ve been in business for over 17 years, and met a lot of fucking shit life coaches, but Vicki is the best I have ever met.

Vicki has asked me questions, the answers to which, when I’ve given them have changed my entire life.

Jon McCulloch

Small Business Advocate

I never really understood the importance of the phrase “Time to Think”.

It means a lot of different things when you really start thinking about it. I’d say the most important application of that phrase is actually having the time to think.

I first started working with Kevin in 2015. Within a few weeks, Kevin gave me the first thing to really think about – and I mean properly think about.

It has changed the way my business works.

He mentioned my pricing structure, and how I should really be charging more. He planted a little seed – and boy has that seed grown. That initial seed made me re-evaluate our entire pricing and positioning model and it is hands down the best thing we have ever done for our business.

Kevin has pushed me time and time again, giving me a little something to go away and think about. Kevin has challenged me to grow my business to heights I didn’t even dream of previously.

Thanks to that constant challenging and pushing, we have doubled our fees, with better quality customers than we ever thought existed.

His support and accountability has meant that we have:

• Achieved two personal business goals
• Positioned ourselves as industry experts – fast becoming the global leaders in our field
• Overhauled our pricing structure
• A pool of fantastic premium clients, paying us twice as much as they previously were
• Deep insight into our financial position
• Clarity on our forecasting and foresight for the future
• Future proofing for the business and working with Kevin has changed the business from the top down.
He is the best investment we have ever made into our business. We are forever indebted to him for pushing us and keeping us moving in the right direction.

You will not find any better value and repository for knowledge out there.

Thank you Kevin, for the Time to Think.

Mike and Kenda Macdonald

Automation Ninjas

Finalist: Kevin Whitehouse, Prime Entry Ltd

Kevin was praised by the judges for his approach to client communications that showed his belief in both curiosity and learning.

Of particular note was his enthusiasm and prowess using video as a method of client education and communication. Entirely self taught, Kevin creates and edits videos for all aspects of bookkeeping tuition, accounts training and to provide details of the compliance work the firm is involved in.

The judges felt Kevin is successfully and diligently exhibiting the benefits and real impact strategic use of technology can have for both client and firm.

Judges Insight

Accounting Web Practice Awards

Mr. K!

I just finished your book - I have been reading + note making for 20 mins, 3 x a day, for a few weeks (in between SO MUCH other learning!) ... you could say that I'm a lover of process/habits!

It's brilliant!

I learnt loads and it's really helping me form the bones of this new business of mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lucy Barfoot


     Since 1991 we’ve coached, mentored and provided accounting services to many different business owners, here's just a small sample of the types of industry:

Accountants (yes we coach other accountants!), artists, builders, boat designers, childrens farm park owners and other coaches and consultants, doctors and dentists, e-commerce and engineers, factories and fashion designers, garden design and garages, hotels and hair salons, IT companies and investors, jewellery shops and jewellery makers, kitchen specialists, marketing agencies, mechanics and musicians, nursing homes and nail salons, online marketeers and opticians, pet businesses and paint and decorators, quality assurance specialists and recruitment, restaurants and software companies, technology companies and travel agencies, used car dealerships, veterinary business and video and film production, web designers and many, many more…

Who the hell are we?

     Together we own and run Prime Entry, we have developed a series of methods to consistently add value to our clients and if you are not ready to book a call you can find out more about us by clicking through to our personal pages

Kevin Whitehouse

Kev originally set up Prime Entry over 30 years ago and has since been helping 1,000's of clients get results

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Vicki joined the business over 15 years ago as a world class highly experienced executive coach

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