Finally, the complete support package to understanding your numbers and accelerating growth in your business: 

How You Can Rapidly Strengthen Your Business Financials and Increase Profits

It’s worrying but true

It has been tough for a lot of business owners over the last few years.

If you have grown your business or even just kept your head above water then you should give yourself a massive pat on the back, because the current economy is bestowing a brutal, relentless “natural selection” process.

Poorly run businesses have always dropped off the planet pretty swiftly, but there used to be a “middle class” of enterprise; the type that held their own during boom times simply because there was enough disposable income swilling around in the system to support them.

They could operate in an inefficient and unfocused manner and still scrape by, however...

...the times of getting by with 'luck' are most definitely over. 

More and more of these types of businesses, some of whom have been surviving for many years, run out of cash and shut their doors for good.

The sad thing is the owners of these businesses are not lazy or stupid; they can be found working 100 hour weeks, and are passionate and knowledgeable about their products or services.

What they get wrong is that they focus on their trade the thing they do and fail to master the skills of business.

Running your own business can be the most exciting thing in the world, but it can also be the most lonely, frustrating, scary, stressful, overwhelming experience you can have.

The thing is, nobody, and I mean nobody cares about the success of your business like you do; not your staff and certainly not your customers.

They don’t experience the soul-searching, the hand-wringing, the hair-pulling and the floor-pacing.

They don’t feel the knot in the stomach during a tight month when bills arrive and payday approaches. They aren’t up with you on those long sleepless nights when you try and map out the best way forward and all you can see is a swirling black fog of fears and obstacles.

And if by any chance you don’t succeed, it will be an inconvenience to others, and they may well be sad for you, but life goes on and they will find other employment/providers.

But, there is good news for you...

...this tough economy rewards those business owners with the determination and willingness to master the skills of business, and that is where we can help you.

Business owners want help from their accountants and many are just sick and tired of the lack of input from many in the profession, sadly we see it all too often...

...and here is the good news: 

In our experience, there are 3 shifts every business owner can make that will make a huge difference.

The thing is, I know you are not a “plodder” - you run a great business and you know you can do more. 

You are excited about the prospects the future holds for you, but you know there is still a lot to learn because to run a successful and profitable business you must KNOW YOUR NUMBERS.


Profits, tax, sales costs, budgets, VAT, Return on Investment, directors’ loans, finance, this is just some of the language used in business, but let’s get it back to basics.

It's not your fault

Every business owner I've ever met, including ourselves, needs help.  

Finding the right people with the right solutions is not easy, but think for a moment, if you had more cash and more time couldn't you solve most problems?  Right?

If you don't have enough cash and your too busy, then the downward spiral of negative thoughts, worry, struggle and all those sleepless nights begin and it only gets worse, unless you do something about it.  Agreed?

Our experience has taught us that there are 3 significant shifts that will be causing most of your pain, most of your struggles and frustration when running a business...

We know that if you make changes towards these 3 specific areas, most people start to see some instant results.

If you want to know more, just click the button above and watch Kev’s short video, there is no sign-up and if after you have watched the video you want to talk, there will be a place where you can book a call.

Kev at his desk

We’ve acted for literally thousands of clients over the years and pretty much worked with most business sectors, but we really enjoy working with smaller family type businesses.

Often the clients we attract are creative in some sort of way, from construction to architects, designers, technology pretty much anything goes, so long as the dynamics between us both works. 

Therefore, if you are the sort of business owner who works hard... are proud of what you offer to your customers and clients...

...if you have some passion some excitement about your future, but at the same time, you are frustrated that you can’t seem to crack the code to get the results you always dreamt of.

Then watch my video...