If you want to find out more about us, go watch a handful of short videos we prepared, packed with content and free information you can take away and apply to your own business now:



First, we are not your typical accountants or business coaches.  

Vicki and I have spent years crafting our trade and worked with literally thousands of business owners, our own experience of life bringing up four children, and running different businesses and projects have all added to our unique style and knowledge bank.

But, we like to do things properly, so if you are here just because you want to get rich quick or you want to do everything on the cheap, scrabbling around in the dirt with all the chavs, pheasants and commoners, then we are not for you.

We are mindset experts, we have spent quality time with some truly great people like Diana Nightingale, Jon Mcculloch, Dan Kennedy, Chris Cardell and many more we have had the privilege of studying from and we are only interested in working with ambitious people who are prepared to do the work and invest in a different way of thinking.

Secondly, our best work is done with ambitious business owners, often the clients we attract are creative in some sort of way, from construction to architects, designers, technology pretty much anything goes, so long as the dynamics between us both works. 

That’s the most important part for us, which is why we no longer work with corporates.

Design and creative people often have an open mind, are ambitious with their ideas and know and understand about dreaming of how things could be.

Our practical business support, products and help, fits best with this kind of thinking, plus design and creative people are often a lot of fun to work with.

What do we mean by design and creativity?  If you have to ask that, then maybe we are not for you!

Thirdly, we are different...

...people are often looking for someone who is different, but when confronted with different, they don't know how that works, so they fight it, kick off because it's not how they have always done it, new ways of thinking comes with its own set of challenges.

It's simple, but not easy.

You see we question working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, we wonder why people commute all at the same time each day, why you even have to sit at a desk, why not stand!

Or, how about, do what most people don't do and keep proper books and records and understand your numbers, be in charge of your own accounting and run regular forecasting and OMG! why not even try some proper planning...!!!

Or, what if you could get 4 times the work done in a year and really understood that most of what you do is a waste of time, so.... just "stop it."

Focus only on what really makes you money and take the rest of the time off and do fun stuff instead!!

That requires different thinking and if you want to find out a bit more about us and the way we work ,here is a crazy thought for you...

Do something a bit different and start by clicking the button below and watching the packed content we put together to entice you into our world!...

If you want to find out more about us, go watch a handful of short videos we prepared, packed with content and free information you can take away and apply to your own business now:

I'm Kevin Whitehouse, I'm the one who makes most of the noise around here!

... but, let me explain.

Prime Entry is the company name and it started life as me Kevin Whitehouse way back in the early 1990's, when at that time I was working as a senior accountant for a local firm of accountants here in the West Country.

If you are old enough, you might remember dear ol' Norman Lamont a.k.a. The Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time...​

You see the UK economy was having a few issues back then and he apparently had to increase the bank interest rates...  big time!

But I was 21 years old, ambitious full of testosterone and knew nothing about money, life and business.  So, like you do, in my spare time went and built my own house, in fact I built 18 with 17 other tradesman, brickies, carpenters, electricians etc on a self build scheme...

...and we built them all in 14 months - 4 and 5 bedroom luxury executive homes, all in our spare time evenings and weekends, with the hopes and dreams of, in my case, owning my first home at a considerable discount.

I signed up and eventually got my first ever mortgage and then Norman did his deed and interest rates went to, I think, 18% and so when added to my base rate, my mortgage payments where... well let's put it into context, 3 times my take home salary!

PLUS, the housing market was in free fall and my new home dropped in value to 30% lower than what I paid for it - and I bought it 20% lower than market value because of the self build savings!!!

That wasn't all... Then I was made redundant! Fuck!

After I got over my sense of humour bypass, and realised I was applying for jobs with 400 other accountants, I had to do something and Prime Entry was born, starting with client number one.  

I offered accounting, tax and any sort of business help I could offer to anyone who would offer me work.

Over many years that business grew steadily along with what has proven to be my greatest asset, that being my experience and knowledge gained from extensive personal development and working with literally thousands of different business owners spread right across the globe.

I've since become an author, speaker and to a few who qualify, I am a mentor and coach.

I see a lot of what I do as simply being honest with people, telling them what they need to hear and applying logical thinking, with one simple goal to help people THINK.

Anyway, after 12 long years the house was eventually sold, it had finally returned to positive equity and I bought the cottage where I still live today.

In 2008 I met my lovely partner Vicki La Bouchardiere and between us we have 4 grown up children.

Vicki is a qualified Life Coach and specialises in working with highly focused ambitious business owners, so it fits that she is also co owner of Prime Entry.

Vicki works exclusively with our high achiever clients, business owners who understand the importance and know the value of engaging the services of a professional business coach.

As an author, coach and mindset expert in her own right, Vicki is also responsible amongst other things for writing in our monthly magazine and has written her own book "How to Live with Dickhead", aptly titled maybe, but this is a really powerful book that although at first you might think is a bit of fun, takes this very serious topic and provides you with some valuable information to help you not only have a better relationship, but also a better life.

If you want to find out more about us, go watch a handful of short videos we prepared, packed with content and free information you can take away and apply to your own business now: