Your investment with us

When it comes to your investment with us, we make it very easy and simple for you.

First, we will identify what it is we can help you with, and often we work long term with clients so this of course can adapt and change of needed.  Maybe it's as straight forward as Annual Accounts and Tax Returns, or it maybe we will agree more complex, coaching, mentoring and regular business support is required.

Whatever it is we can help you with, we'll work this out together, up front.

You can then use credit or debit card or we'll provide our bank details for BACS or direct transfer.

Many are invited to use our Direct Debit system, the link and instructions are below:

Direct Debits

If you are directed here to pay us via direct debit, then you will need to click the link here to complete the Direct Debit Mandate, this is all handled by the banking facility we are subscribed to and you are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee rules.

For clarity, we submit our request for direct debit payments to the bank around the 5th of each month, and the bank will deduct the monies from your account, on or after the 15th of that same month.

We receive the funds, only when all monies are cleared, around 25th.