Time Is Valuable To You

Let's not play "Appointment Tennis", that's not very profitable for either of us.  With the magic of technology you can now book an appointment with us, right here in our diary.

Choose who you want to speak to and then choose the type of contact you require, easy!

  • Kevin
  • Vicki

This is how it works:

  • 1
    Choose the person you wish to schedule time with
  • 2
    Pick the type of event, virtual, call or in person meeting
  • 3
    Select a day and time
  • 4
    Look out for email reminders, and if it is a call or virtual meeting, please call us at the arranged time.

This is the best way to get an undistracted conversation with us so we can give you 100% of our energy and thoughts.

Our Main Office can be found at:

Prime Entry Ltd

Opus House

Cole Street Lane


Dorset SP8 5JQ

t: 01747 826989

If you prefer not to schedule a call and gamble that we might be at our desk with some down time, then you should know that our telephone is answered by the lovely people at Money Penny, our P.A Tess and the team will look after you…

Although we are based in Gillingham, North Dorset we operate a highly efficient cloud based business and work with clients around the world.

The internet based systems we use and recommend allow us to communicate and speak with our clients in a much more efficient way.