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Existing Clients - Our Full Calendar is now in the Members area

If you are fed up with your current accountant I have an idea that can really help you

but before you book a call below... 

...I have a question for you:

How would you like to double, triple or even quadruple your business profits?

     You might think that is a stupid question, doesn't everyone?

     Actually no.  

     Not everyone wants to grow their business, but if you do, why would you listen to me?

     First, this is what our business is all about: we help business owners, especially those in some sort of creative work, architects, designers, construction industry, artists even manufacturing make better profits and have an easier life.  

     But, before you can decide if we can even remotely help you, I have a unique offer which gives you an opportunity to check us out long before you ever become a client or pay us anything.  In other words, there is no risk for you to explore this.

Here is what I have for you

     If you would like to discuss with me what your biggest challenge in business is, what you are aiming to achieve and where you are now…

     ...I will be happy to invest some of my time for FREE and help you put together an immediate action plan that you can use to transform and increase your profits with immediate effect.

      You'll then have 3 simple options:

  1. Take the plan and implement it yourself, all I ask is, at sometime in the future you let me know your progress, that will give you a small amount of accountability and help me continually improve
  2. Either now or sometime in the future you decide you need some help, in which case I'll let you know how that works
  3. You can of course do nothing, keep doing what you are doing, but just remember, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is madness! - right?

Here's what you need to do next:

     If you are willing to share with me some information about you and your business, I will invest some of my time at no cost to you, putting together an action plan which you can take away and use to help you bring in immediate profits.

    Seriously, this is totally FREE and comes with no catches. 

Existing Clients - Our Full Calendar is now in the Members area

Why would I offer this?     

     There is no mystery, no catch, this is a simple method I use to help find new clients.

     I've helped hundreds, if not thousands of clients over my long career and after you and I have our initial discussion, we might find we are not a good fit for each other, or you might not want to proceed and that's cool with me.  I just know that from time to time this process will lead to someone we can really help, someone that me and my team can do our best work and make a big difference to your life.

     It's not for everyone, and it costs nothing to take the first step and book a call.

So, who am I?  

My name is Kevin Whitehouse and I am an expert in helping business owners reduce the stress and overwhelm of running a business, I help business owners build a better and stronger business, that makes more money and creates an easier life.

     I am also an author, speaker and an expert in online cloud based systems.

     I was shortlisted as one of the UK's leading technology champions by AccountingWeb, the largest independent online community for accounting and finance professionals in the UK.

   I've also been shortlisted for awards with IRIS, the UK's leading supplier of software to the UK accounting market.

      We've since won Most Innovative Firm of the year.

     My long career as an accountant, business mentor and coach combined with the luxury and privilege of working one-to-one with literally thousands of business owners across the globe, from start-ups to those with turnovers of many millions, has provided me with ongoing experience and first-hand knowledge that I can use and adapt to help others.

     My style and the way I work is different from the stereotypical grey, dull accountant or happy-clappy coach and if you want to find out more, simply book a call.

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