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Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

I'm glad you chose to click thru' because:

It's SERIOUS and it's Only Going To Get WORSE!

​You have a statutory obligation to keep proper books and records, for VAT and Making Tax Digital, the new Government regulations to ultimately get all businesses submitting their accounting records digitally to HMRC's computer systems on a quarterly basis has started.

Yes, that's quarterly submissions as well as annually, this is probably one of the biggest shake ups in regulations we've ever seen.

What does that really mean to you?

You are already busy and struggling to keep up with all this record keeping, your current accountant, if you have one is already struggling to get your accounts and tax done before the deadline, and often delivered to you in a last minute rush and panic with no warning and let's be honest here, if it's rushed, aren't you even questioning if it really is their best work, and is it really accurate?

You'll never know, you are just left paying the tax and wondering!!!

You can't get all this done yourself and you may even be the cause of it all being late, your accounting records are simply not up to scratch, they are not professionally done and for too long you have tried to do it all on the cheap, not because you are stupid, you know it has to be done, but it's just not your bag.

We get it!

There is only one way to keep accounting records and that is properly...

But, if you are struggling with this, if it's keeping you awake at night, or you are spending all your spare time doing the books yourself!

It's will only be worse when you have to file online every quarter, four times a year and you still have the annual returns and compliance!

If you are getting frustrated and fed up with the late delivery, threat of fines and lack of urgency you are looking for to help you make better profits...

...then we should have your attention, because this is for you:

What Supremacy does for you?

A "Done For You" full compliance service, which we call SUPREMACY.

It includes, VAT record keeping, live accounting, budgeting and planning, all using the latest in cloud based technology, which you can also access 24/7.

We build you a virtual machine that uses automation and collaboration with you as necessary to take away the grind of daily data entry.  You get simple quotation systems if required plus sales invoicing and bunch of other clever tools all built in to save you time and money.

Providing you with instant access to your own accounting data whenever you want it, backed by our team of experts keeping it all in check.

It's a two part process:

Firstly, we assess your current systems and processes, you might still use a cheque book, you might raise invoices in Microsoft Word or Excel, or you might have an online all singing all dancing shopping cart bringing in sales from your web site.

Whatever you currently do, we need to understand this properly and our team of professionals will carry out this exercise.

We then take that information and knowledge you give us and if necessary introduce some procedural changes to save you time.

Then, we might add cloud based tools to also make your life easier and more efficient.  We then bolt all this into a cloud based accounting solution of our choice.  We are the UK's leading experts in Kashflow, so unless there is a very valid reason, we will use that.  At this stage there is often a need for you to change your procedures slightly, but rest assured it will always be to your advantage and once this exercise is complete you will then have what we call "THE MACHINE"

Secondly, once tested and explained to you, we then run it for you, virtually, every week every month for a monthly fixed fee investment, we can also include all your compliance and statutory filing all as part of your monthly investment.

It's all in the cloud and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, backed by our service providers robust security measures, meaning the data never actually leaves the UK and uses the same levels of security as the banks.

But, once the machine settles down and runs smoothly (which we will insist it does), you will have routines and checks to then access proper accurate data and make use of this valuable resource you already have, but have never been able to use before.


There is third part of the process and we know this cuz we've been doing this for  along time.  

The third part is that for this to work, you have to recognise and understand, that there will be change, and we know people don't like change, its a natural human reaction.

Look, your way doesn't work, you stay up late, work weekends and make a dog's dinner of the record keeping, all to save a few quid, but in reality you are harming your business and it's probably costing thousands, if not tens of thousands...

Here's a thought, what if as a result of better accounting, we found hidden profits and hidden money in your business?

Hidden Profits in Your Business?

Experience tells us we often find little gems of profit ideas, and always time savings, which makes what we offer effectively FREE if you think about, I explain why in a moment.

You can't be a successful business owner if you have accounting records, you need that data for easier decision making and most business owners struggle with this whole concept, they also struggle sometimes to let go and make the changes necessary to make all this work.

As part of the experience, not only can you access your accounting information 24/7, but you can also run and develop skills in forecasting and budgeting using a cloud based budgeting and forecasting tool lifting actual figures from your accounting and placing them next to you rprojections, with a whole host of scenarios, "what ifs" and methods for you to test profit making ideas, long before you spend any money.

Clients who get to this level and run regular forecasts make more money and have an easier life, because they have a plan and clarity and know what needs to be done to achieve their goals.

You don't imagine any big corporation you can think of, like Apple, Microsoft, Shell Oil, Virgin, etc operate without budgets and forecasting do you?

If you want this done properly, we will bully you, beat you and work very hard to make "THE MACHINE" work like a finely tuned oiled system it should be!

The reason we are motivated is because you are signing up to a fixed monthly investment, payable by you each month on Direct Debit, so it's in our own rational self interest to make it work easily and quickly and that requires great skill, knowledge and a commitment for which the team here are really frickin good at.

What's the investment?

That depends on your view of money?

What you should be asking is:

"what is it costing me, not to have good books and records?"

Of course, it will cost you hard cash, that's why we do it!

But, in return you will get back precious time to do other things, play, be with your family or do more of the thing you are good at and make more money.

What you'll also get is peace of mind, less stress and less worry, because you will finally be able to let go of all this accounting headache.  

It doesn't mean to say you can wash your hands of the responsibility, after all we will only capture what actually happens and report that back to you, but if you are smart, you will learn how to interpret the data and we will be on hand to help you with that and help you understand what it means to you.

We will help you make some smart profitable decisions which when you add up the time you save, and the extra profits you could dig out without doing anything or selling anymore.

Then yes, the investment you pay us, will essentially be just that and investment, where you get back more than you ever pay us, rendering THE MACHINE and SUPREMACY essentially FREE...

It's up to you what benefit you see in this, but think about it.

What other choice do you have?

  • You could get a friend to help or your wife or a family member, they might be confident and bit more knowledgeable, but are they skilled, qualified and experienced, what happens if they make a mistake, and file late, especially when Making Tax Digital penalties kick in, what will that do to your relationship?
  • You could hire  a cheap bookkeeper who comes in for a few hours a week.  Cheap is easy, anyone can do cheap, but do you really want to put your finances and tax bills in the hands of a self employed cheap service provider, how can they help you become successful if they are struggling to make a good living themselves?  PLUS, you still need to employ an accountant...
  • You could carry on trying to do it yourself, go online and get Kashflow yourself, it's only a few quid a month, read the help screens and give it a go.  Who knows you might get it to work and if that's the preferred route, great!  But, you might want some help, in which case, why not get it all through our others services and use our training and ongoing support, just head on over to our VIP service.

It's Really Easy For You

The next step for you is easy...

There is nothing for you to buy here, in fact we are quite picky about the clients we allow to invest in the SUPREMACY programme.

If we are allowed to do our job properly, we get dream clients who we love to help and the team often feel it's a privilege to over deliver, we don't want to work with arseholes, whingers, bellyachesers, grumblers, moaners, snivellers, squawkers or whiners!

We also don't want to work with people who don't respect our skill and think they know best when clearly, the whole point of Supremacy is that you want the experts to take the whole problem, stress and complete headache away!

Sound fair?


We are really good at what we do, we pride ourselves on being the best, and Kevin being an author and regular speaker on the whole subject should be proof enough, we really can solve this problem for you.



It's not for everyone, but if after reading the text above you think this might be a good solution for you,

simply complete the form below. 

It costs nothing to see if you qualify, and if you do, we'll will be in touch.

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The meeting will only take place if we are sure we can make this work, and on the assumption it takes place, we will provide you with a clear action plan of what needs to happen next, and what the various detailed steps are to get you live and up to date, we will also have a schedule of time planned so you know exactly the next steps.

Let's just make this clear here:

There is no pressure, no hard sell, you can unsubscribe or say no anytime you want to, we don't want clients who don't want our help...