Why Accountants FAIL so many of their Clients!

Dear Entrepreneur,

"My accountant just sent me my accounts and tax, 2 days before the tax is due and "Fuck!" I didn't know the tax was going to be that much, why didn't they tell me months ago, I gave them the books last year why do accountants do this!!!"

Is a common statement new clients say to us.

They also say things like:

"I wish I had someone who could help me understand this better, I know I must have accounts, but I don't get any feedback, I just wish I could really understand this stuff"

"I want someone who can help my fly in business, not just do the numbers..."

Why Do They Get It So Wrong?

The main reason the accountants generally fail to deliver on time consistently is simply down to the quality of the record keeping, and yes that is the bit the business owner should be doing. It's the law, businesses must keep accounting records and report to the authorities when required!


Because the business owners don't know how to keep proper accounting records and know one helps them improve, they keep doing it the way they've always done it and so the poor ol' accountant spends their typical day pouring through various types of accounting records from a variety of different businesses all at varying degrees of standard, some good, mostly crap.  

This then takes time and like a domino effect, one job takes a lot longer and then a second and then a third, until in the end it is just normal that everything takes months to get from when you drop the records in, to when they can finalise and give it back to you.

Believe me, when I say this is a problem industry wide!

Now, don't get me wrong, the accountants aren't bad people, they are simply struggling to get the job done with the poor quality raw material (the record keeping) given to them in the first place, and we know this from experience, until we changed everything about our business to fix the cause of all this for every client, with our simple solution broken down into 3 options:

  • Elite - (for those than want to grow their business fast)
  • VIP - (for those that are in control and are looking for fast simple help and support
  • Supremacy - (a complete done for you service)

"Why don't they sort the record keeping out and show us how do it better", I hear you say...

Good question, and there are two parts to the answer.

The first part is that it requires you the business owner to participate in ongoing bespoke training, which takes the accountant away from their core skill, remember they are highly professional trained accountants and tax experts, not teachers and educators, plus they simply can't learn and teach everyone to use properly every system available out there in the market, especially as it's now on-line, and the choice and level of detail needed to do that job properly, is simply too great.

This is why we are experts in one single product and have invested heavily in creating an incredibly powerful system and the tools to educate and train our clients from novice to expert, we want you to be really good at this, we'll explain that later.

But regardless of the training and support that you need, the biggest challenge is that the business owner is most often not really a willing volunteer for the task they need to do...

...in other words, they don't want to learn and really when pushed they don't really want to know how to do it, it's dull uninteresting work, or so they think!

Willing Volunteer?

The simple solution to all this accounting and tax headache is to have proper up to date good accounting records and that is by definition a purposeful system that has been around since the beginning of time when trading first started.

Back in Leonardo da Vinci's days, his mate Luca Pacioli, wrote the first known book on the double entry accounting system and its still what we use today.

That system can be simplified into 4 basic books or ledgers:

  • Sales Ledger
  • Receipts Cashbook
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Payments Cashbook
  • In ye olden days, these were hand written books of "Prime Entry", ah!  that's where the name comes from!!

    But now that we have cloud based computer programmes, we can now add allsorts of wiz bang features that make it look all sexy and exciting and all you gotta do is press this one button on your iphone and magically it will all work... yeah right!!!

    Look, it doesn't matter whether you use hand written books or the latest cloud system on your phone, the underlying principles are the same and I talk about this on my book "MONEY TALKS - So Why Aren't You Listening?"

    Here are the 5 steps:

    1. Enter the data into the system.
    2. Reconcile and check it for accuracy.
    3. Make some adjustments, often timing, like stock, prepayments etc.
    4. Run the reports.
    5. Read and interpret the evidence presented before you and and use that information to help you make better business decisions.

    Your accounting system is telling you what you did, but it's the final stage, Step 5, where you start to change the direction from looking at what you did, to what you are going to do next and by taking that key valuable knowledge you can budget, plan and forecast your future.

    Then make, sometimes just small little changes, that over time could give you a bigger effect and essentially more profit and an easier life,


    It all starts with getting good record keeping and using the accounting system properly.

    So, the question is still... "Are you a willing volunteer? "

    "Do you or someone in your business really want to do this?"

    and if so, "do you want to learn the few tricks and techniques that will take you from doing ok, to getting to to step 5 where you start to find hidden profits in your business?"

    If you are WILLING...

    Great, you are still with me here...

    When I say willing, I mean willing, not someone who says I'll try cuz I have to, but someone who really does want to take ownership of accounting task for your business.

    If that really is you, then let's talk...

    You see our VIP programme is not for everyone, we don't want a bunch of clients who moan and complain and who are not willing to do the work.

    If you become a client, the huge benefits to you if you really are willing, is this:

    • Imagine a daily or even weekly routine, where you sit at your computer and organise a pile of the latest data to be fed, quickly and efficiently, without hardly having to type anything into your accounting system.  You then check it quickly and soon realise it's all correct and you run the reports and a quick glance tells you all is OK.  Because it's in the cloud, you sometimes do this task from home, where it's quieter and you can concentrate.
    • Then, once a month you take a few more reports, you know the data is accurate and you quietly sit with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and read through what the business has been doing over the past month and quarter.  You now start to look at what you had planned to do from your forecasting software and you start to see more patterns from the last time you viewed all this.
    • You then speak to your accountant, who directed you to some online training videos they have created for you and the monthly magazine they send out in the post each month and suddenly as you read and study this a bit further, the penny drops, there is a better way you can run your business.
    • You run some tests on a spreadsheet and have a Google Hangout call with your accountant and share your thinking and logic.  He agrees with what you are doing and adds another thought and now you start to see the possibility of an extra £25,000 or even more profit, all you have to do is implement the idea...
    • But, before you do, you run the scenarios through your online forecasting, which your accountant can also help you with during your Google Hangouts call, you can test various ideas quickly and add some "what if" ideas to.
    • All you have to do is test it live and roll it out... BOOM!!  You just increased your profits because you had good quality accounting records and someone who could share the ideas with you live.

    All sound like a dream to you?

    Well, if you are a willing volunteer, if you are prepared to follow instructions, watch some training videos and have a few online screen share conversations, then no this is not a dream, this is what many of our VIP clients experience.

    What's the benefits of VIP?

    It's easy to forget that the true benefit is that if you have up to date accurate accounting records, that you are in control of, then you have extremely valuable information at your fingertips available 24/7 to run your own reports and analysis, that in turn you can interpret and use that information to help you run a more profitable business that is more fun and easier to operate.

    If of course you are willing volunteer.

    Or you have someone you can share this task with that you trust, maybe your spouse or a staff member, then the missing link is having the back-up and support to train you how to use it properly, then, be on hand from time to time so you can share your thoughts and ideas.

    Well, that's essentially what our VIP service is all about, it's all your Accounting and Tax compliance but you control and run the day to day accounting on the systems we supply with our constant support and help so you achieve a very high standard.

    Here then is what you get with this service:

    • You get 24/7 access to online cloud software which we supply.
    • We also supply 24/7 access to forecasting and budgeting software that links the actual to budget figures to your accounting software
    • Over 100 training videos available 24/7 on how to use all the software and other coaching and business help in our unique online Client Hub area
    • A physical 12 page monthly magazine sent in the post to your door each month, packed with quality help from Kevin and Vicki with guest articles from top marketing experts and a fitness trainer
    • Because your accounts are in the cloud, we check in at least every quarter, make sure there is nothing obvious missing and keep tuned into a real sense of what you are doing
    • You can request any number of what we call "Blue-Print" video support.  These are specific training for you and you only, we record the screen with your data and show you how to get the best from your data, it's a  recording you can refer back to it whenever you want to
    • Making Tax Digital - we will be on hand each quarter to make sure the submission to HMRC goes to plan and you feel comfortable doing this
    • We are also able to help you submit your first VAT Return online straight into HMRC's own computers, making the whole online experience quick and easy for you
    • Online virtual meetings using Skype or Google Hangouts, we can share screens see each other on camera if necessary and collaborate live on the software tools you are using
    • You then get a priority service for any compliance work.  As Making Tax Digital impacts all of us the process will evolve, but essentially there is still a need for some sort of annual accounting and tax computations and returns. Our own systems will flag when this is due and we will jump straight on it just as soon as the books are up to date, thus many get accounts and tax with 30 to 90 days of the year end, leaving you plenty of time to prepare for the tax payment
    • The added benefit is of course, with our ongoing help you will in fact be able to predict your own tax, if you have good records, then the tax can be drafted even before the year end as a good guide to help you plan
    • Hidden benefits of being up to date is that sometimes there are opportunities for tax planning, which need to be instigated live, rather than trying to unpick last year's figures
    • Saving you tax is a big goal of ours, the authorities know that you can present your affairs anyway you wish, but good up to date record keeping is critical to gain the best advantage over the Taxman. 

    Good record keeping solves all the problems we have been talking about.

    The next step for you is easy...

    There is nothing for you to buy here, in fact we are quite picky about the clients we allow to invest in the VIP programme.

    If you are or have someone in your business who is a willing volunteer, then we get dream clients who we love to help and the team often feel it's a privilege to over deliver, we don't want to work with arseholes, whingers, bellyachers, grumblers, moaners, snivellers, squawkers or whiners!

    We also don't want to work with people who don't respect our skill and think they know best when clearly, the whole point of working with you is that you want the experts to help you solve this problem, and takeaway the stress and headache!

    Sound fair?


    We are really good at what we do, we pride ourselves on being the best, and Kevin being an author and regular speaker on the whole subject should be proof enough, we really can solve this problem for you.



    It's not for everyone, but if after reading the text above you think this might be a good solution for you,

    simply complete the form below. 

    It costs nothing to see if you qualify, and if you do, we'll will be in touch.

    But, wait there's more!

    Before you can even be considered, we first ask you to complete the little ol' form below, then provide us with a bit of information about you and your business.

    You will then be directed to a page where you can book an appointment with Kevin.

    We'll follow up with an email or two, so look out for those, they are really important and before the meeting with Kevin, he might also email you personally for some more information, so that he can be properly prepared to help you.

    The meeting will only take place if we are sure we can make this work, and on the assumption it takes place, we will then provide you with a clear action plan of what needs to happen next, and what the various detailed steps are to get you live and up to date, we will also have a schedule of time planned so you know exactly the next steps.

    Let's just make this clear here:

    There is no pressure, no hard sell, you can unsubscribe or say no anytime you want to, we don't want clients who don't want our help...